Here you’ll find answers to the most common questions we are asked about the care service we provide. If you’re unsure about any aspect of care and you can't find the answer here, please give us a call or send an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What happens in a care assessment?

Once you have decided to go ahead with care from Karen's Care Agency Ltd, the first thing we’ll do is carry out a care assessment.

A manager will visit you in your home to assess exactly what kind of care you need. This may vary from medical needs to help around the home and trips out.

We’ll ask you questions about what you feel you need help with and review your medical or hospital records, (with your permission). We’ll also consult with other members of your family if you feel they have input into your needs.

We will also conduct a basic home assessment to ensure our work can be undertaken safely in your home. If required, a moving / handling risk assessment will also be completed to identify any equipment and / or handling techniques needed for care to be provided. A copy of these assessments and your care plan will be left in your home for reference. Your care visit will depend on the level of care you need and want and will have been designed around your care assessment. Our assessment process is designed to help us learn about you and what you want to achieve and will help us to determine exactly what you need.
All clients have personalised care plans. It's always our aim to give our carers the time they need to provide appropriate care; we never rush in and rush out.

What happens if I don't like the carer?

We match our clients to the small team of carers we think is most suitable. We do our best to ensure our clients are looked after by people they look forward seeing.

However if things aren't working, we encourage clients to get in touch.

Will I always have the same carer?

Our Clients will have a small team of carers depending on the client's level of care. Unless something unforeseen happens, once your routine of care has been established it will not be disrupted. If anything unexpected does happen, you will be notified immediately and we will make other arrangements to minimise the impact on your care. 

Are all your carers checked by the Criminal Records Bureau? 

A Criminal Record check is compulsory for all staff joining our team.